10 Benefits of Walking – A Reminder for Self-Care

10 Benefits of Walking – A Reminder for Self-Care

What are the 10 Benefits Of Walking?

  1. Walking is not only good for health but one of the major parts of self-care. It reduces the chances of dying from heart disease and cancer.
  2. By exercising regularly, a person may retain as much as eighty percent of his physical abilities between the ages of thirty and seventy.
  3. Walking eases aches and pains. It may also build strong bones and increase the circulation of blood and oxygen.
  4. It also revitalizes muscles and joints which stiffen when they are not used regularly.
  5. During high-impact activities, a person’s feet hit the ground with a force equal to two to four times his weight, which can damage joints and muscles. But walking only exerts a force of one and a half times a person’s weight.
  6. It also makes a person look better.
  7. A vigorous walking program may help achieve a shapelier body and makes muscle fibers more flexible.
  8. A good walking program may help a person look as fit, trim and healthy as possible for his age and lifestyle.
  9. Walking has also been proven to be a natural tranquilizer for many whenever tension builds up.
  10. This exercise is proven to release endorphins in the human body that hold a similar effect to morphine.
    Endorphins release positive feelings within us which can also be acquired by walking.



Many artists, philosophers, and writers have been known to believe that walking helps them think clearly and creatively. Most importantly, walking lets you connect to nature through earthing. It means a connection between a human and earth through walking with bare feet.


In short, the best way to keep yourself fit and stay healthy is to walk regularly for at least thirty minutes. Here are a few more benefits of walking and a pretty sorted guide to making you indulge in self-care activities like walking by Better Health Channel.


Originally Written by Mohammed Ali Hamid

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  1. Christiano Ronaldo

    Such a concise and motivating article, this helped me alot!
    Keep it up 😃

  2. Eilidh Horder

    Thank you for reminding us of the benefits of walking. It’s one of my greatest pleasures and I almost always feel better after a walk. Apart from the health benefits (and there are so many as you illustrate), I love how you see something different during every walk.

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