Self-Care Ideas for Winter 2019

Self-Care Ideas for Winter 2019

Hey, do you want to have glowing skin and peace of mind this coming winter? It only costs you time and a few practices. However, these practices can only be learned through dedication and self-care ideas for winter. Check them below!

So it has become a popular ritual among millennials and most of them around the world follow it religiously.


Some of us are guilty of not practicing it as it should be practiced, aren’t we?


Yes, self-care is being taken seriously, lately. Tell me it’s true? I will be glad if it is. I would be glad if you too have become protective of yourself to an extent where you start practicing seasonal self-care ideas and activities.


So as winter is around the corner, I thought to kick this off with winter self-care ideas. 
Do you know if Winter was a human, it would have been extremely introverted? In other words, winter causes people to become more isolated. Doesn’t it?
selfcare ideas for winter -isolated
However, nobody wants that, We wish to have cozy, warm and all exciting winter days with no exhaustion or stress.
But where do all this excitement, peace and satisfaction of enjoying winter can come from?

Well, When you’re emotionally and physically fine. Your voice in the head has stopped forcing destructive thoughts onto you. That’s when you can enjoy every seasonal day and your life will be as great.


Why Self-Care is Important

I know You get too busy to take care of yourself but if you’re honest with yourself that means you can bring self-care in your priority.


When you don’t let negativity enter your life, connect with yourself, cut off toxic people. It directly affects your physical and emotional wellbeing. That’s the first step of self-care. It further maintains your confidence level and increases your self-esteem. That leads you to become more punctual in practicing physical self-care ideas for winter and the rest of the seasons.
Remember self-care is a practice, it’s not something you get right once and you are good to go. Moreover, you have to keep adding it to your routine so that it becomes your lifestyle. Trust me, once you start getting positive results you wouldn’t let it go.

You can start from scratch if you’re new to my blog.
Check out the three magical basic self-care restorative activities, that only need your attention, to begin with.

Let’s move ahead with self-care ideas for winter that will hopefully make a significant difference in your overall health. You can also read some interesting self-care ideas for winter by Crisis Text Line.


1. Be Kind to your mind

First of all, Winter is believed to be the silent season of the year. You’re often left with the noise of your voice. Your 80% of your mental health is based on how well is your connection with yourself.
thinking outdoor

Therefore, think of all the good you have done for others. Think about the reactions they gave you. Think, Have you ever helped a stranger taking their groceries to the car because they couldn’t do it on their own? Or have you ever passed on some extra tip to the waiter? Have you ever smiled at people passing by when you’re on your way to work?

These little gestures of kindness can conquer the world. additionally, being connected to humanity can ease your stress at great levels. Above all, think how important you would have been to the person who needed help and you went in to land a helping hand. The positive change it must have brought to them.


Firstly, it’s so important to realize that your existence in this world has made positive differences. Above all, self-care is not only to take care of yourself, But It’s also about spreading the positivity you hold within after implementing it in your own life.

Secondly, Keep reminding yourself that your existence matters. You can text your friends for what they love about you the most. You can stand in front of a mirror and accept yourself the way nature chose to make you.

selfcare ideas for winter- be kind to your mind

The third and most important part is to be as comfortable as you can. Your style of living your routine is what makes you stand out from the crowd.

Be sure that no matter how great you’re as a person you can’t impress them all.
So to recognize your importance, make a list of your achievements and remind yourself about the capabilities you hold within to get back on track.


2. Winter Walks

Though the whole idea of self-care in winter is to treat yourself good, this certain activity needed separate recognition. Walks.
Cold weather shouldn’t hold you back from being lively. The winter walks with a hot drink to treat yourself is a great way to boost your positive energy throughout your body.

winter lonely walks

Moreover, according to the research of 334,000 European adults, a maximum of 20 minutes of walking each day can eliminate your chances of dying at an early age. In-addition walking in winter makes your circulation system faster and better. It also regulates your joints’ functionality and gives you peace at mind.

With all these benefits there comes another benefit: Walking in cold burns calories.
Most of us are so conscious, we want healthy weight not fat on our bodies. A fast walking technique takes all your energy from your legs to move, it generates leg power, more stability for walking faster and burning some extra calories. Hence giving you a perfect body look. Trust me it works!


3. Hot Beverages

There’s a long list of hot beverages you can add to your winter self-care routine. Imagine sitting in your cozy warm bed all curled up in your blanket holding a warm mug of your favorite drink. The time to imagine is over though, just bring it on!

I shortlisted a few of my favorite drinks. I hope you try any of them and tell me in the comments below.

  • Hot Chocolate Milk
  • Chai
  • Kahwa
  • Latte Coffee
  • Hot Fruit Punch
  • Almonds and Saffron Kesaria Milk
  • Spiced coffee
  • Strawberry White Hot Chocolate
  • Lemon Water. It may sound bland, but it’s an evergreen drink to keep yourself hydrated during winter.


4. Me-Day

Put me-days to your To-Do List. Take at least a day out every week for self-care. A day of stillness in a cozy bed, adoring your no make-up face and being warm and comfy in your PJs.

selfcare ideas for winter- me day
Also, a day to cheat little portion of your diet. It helps to throw out the negative energy that comes along your diet plans. It makes you feel more lively.


5. Relaxing

Give yourself some massages, a heating pad can do wonders to sore muscles. Keep one instant heating pad to warm yourself up when you’re back from outside. Get yourself a good pair of fuzzy socks & sweaters, scarves and PJs. They will give you straight winter vibes.


6.Winter Self Care kit

Winter is the season of being stressed out, running out of time because we procrastinate way longer than in other seasons. We become lazy and careless.
So it’s better to prepare yourself in the early days of the season. Get yourself essentials that make you feel better and so you don’t miss out on being high maintained in winter. This is what we usually lack.
So make a self-care kit and make sure to keep essentials such as the following:

  • pain killer when you do get sick.

  • Tiger balm is an important essential of a self-care kit to unblock the nasal congestion when you’ve seasonal flu.

  • Dehydrated lips can make you feel weird and sick. Apply lip balm or chapstick at least 4 times during the day to keep them moist and soft. You can get flavored balm. It comes in different flavors if you have a sweet tooth. Strawberry is my favorite though.

  • Moreover, do keep a moisturizer for your face. Have you ever had rough, scratchy skin in winter? I HAD!!! And I hated it the most. Always have a good all skin types moisturizer in your kit. It’s to keep your skin intact and glowing soft. I will always recommend a basic moisturizer.

  • Your body gets sensitive due to cold temperatures. So avoid any cream that contains acids and different harmful chemicals.

  • Body moisture is also a very important essential during winter. The most effective yet pocket-friendly moisturizer you can have is an aloe vera plant. You can also get branded aloe vera from a nearby mart.

  • Frizz-free hair can always bring happiness to you. steam can help keep them clean and frizz-free. Use a deep cleansing conditioner and shampoo once a week. For the kit, keep coconut oil for instant shine and straightening. Don’t forget to avoid heat this winter and try home remedies to make them smooth and tangle-free.

7. Atmosphere

The atmosphere of your surroundings can play a vital role in making your mental health better. Especially in winter when it gets quite stressing and the atmosphere becomes silent. The warm and cozy bed gives you a feeling of being welcomed. It refreshes your mental health, relaxes your muscles stiffness and releases positive energy throughout your body.

selfcare ideas for winter- atmosphere

  • One can make a corner with a couch and fluffy cushions put together. Hence making it super fluffy and comfy.

  • For visual glow keep your favorite scented candles on a side table and push it beside the couch so it all makes an ideal aesthetic corner.

  • Every one of us has a favorite blanket. Spread it on your couch to make your little space welcoming.

  • Dull lights for winter nights can cheer you up instantly. Call over your friends is a plus point to relieve your stress & enjoy your DIY winter cozy corner.

  • You can also keep changing your bed sheet twice a week for a change.

  • Mini Led Lights are so fun to play with. You can also get them in different colors. They light up looking like tiny glowing stars.

  • Get your favorite-flowers vase. Flowers help you stay stress-free and release humidity in the air which helps lubricate your nasal passages. Most importantly flowers are a treat to your eyes. Positive vibes in winter are what you need.

    selfcare ideas for winter-atmosphere

8. Reading and Writing

When you feel lonely, write a post about yourself. It can be; what has made you the person you’re today? This can help you analyze how much you have changed with time. What positive or negative traits you’re holding currently. Being honest about yourself can help you evaluate where you stand as a HUMAN. How your self-care routine has helped you change? What self-care ideas suit you?
selfcare ideas for winter- reading and writing

Reading some motivational quotes, poetry can brighten up your mood. Most importantly, it enhances your wisdom and improves your thinking process. It also lets you welcome positive traits within you.
Additionally, Books based on real stories about success and struggle can inspire you to be as active and passionate about your work as you be in summer.


9. Indoor hobbies

There are hundreds of indoor hobbies many of us have. I can bet every one of you reading this right now definitely has great skills or passion for doing something creative. Firstly think of your favorite indoor hobbies. Try to practice your hobbies to kill time and escape the loneliness of cold nights.

Second, analyze what you’re great at. People who are into painting and drawing can help take out their imaginations and emotions to life. Those with cooking skills can be in the kitchen late at night trying different recipes and Baking. Moreover, One-bowl recipes are great to go with for cold midnight cravings. Some people love to lay in bed and watch their favorite series. You can also watch comedy and thriller based movies to stay entertained. Most importantly avoid any movie that promotes violence and sadness. you know why.


10. Love yourself

Last but not least, all the winter self-care ideas combined make a seasonal practice for you to take care of yourself. If you genuinely love yourself you will give these ideas a try. Let’s repeat all of them and remind ourselves of the importance of our wellbeing.
selfcare ideas for winter- love yourself

  • Be kind to your mind
  • Winter Walks
  • Hot Beverages
  • Me-Day
  • Relaxing
  • Winter Self-Care Kit
  • Atmosphere
  • Reading and writing
  • Indoor hobbies
  • Love yourself.


So what are your go-to self-care ideas for winter? Tell me in the comments below and happy upcoming winter.


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