6 Signs Your Partner Is Losing Interest In You

6 Signs Your Partner Is Losing Interest In You

Are you struggling within your relationship? Do you think your partner is not paying much attention? Are they ignoring you? Is the spark gone? If yes, there might be various reasons for it. Maybe they are struggling with issues unknown to you⁠—perhaps they have bottled up emotions, frustration related to work, or maybe they are losing interest in you and in the relationship.

People have different sorts of problems which lead them to depression, which causes them to behave distantly and feel detached. If your partner is going through that time, make sure you provide them with emotional support at that time, and not overthink negatively.

Before you make a big decision, know that, even if these signs are important and they tell a lot about your partner’s interest in you, make sure to know your partner’s physical, emotional and financial background before judging or accusing them.

BUT! It can be that your partner is losing interest in you in reality, and these signs will tell you if they’re. You need to save your relationship and sort out things affecting it.

1. They’ve stopped asking questions.

There is so much to know about each other in newer relationships, but as the relationship grows old, you go short of things to talk about or understand. 

At that time, these questions about little things make small talk.

Like, asking about how your day at work was, or if you have eaten enough or if your health is well. They remember the significant events in your life and check up on you.

While a partner who is considerably losing interest in you will not even care about it, or ask about it.Because when your partner is losing interest in you, they start from not showing interest in the little activities going in your life.

2. They’re slow to respond to texts and phone calls.

We all get busy with life, and activities, because well, the world is busy. But, your partner, who used to spend hours of sending you texts, trying to talk to you more, suddenly won’t even reply, and becomes unreachable.

IT’S A SIGN! They are distancing themselves from you, knowingly or unknowingly. 

People’s subconscious wishes show from the littlest of actions. If they are less responsive from before, it’s a sign they’re losing interest.

Then they make excuses.

Excuses like they were busy and they had work, is something we all accept. I mean, yeah. Work is work, and it’s fine to respond late or not respond at all.

But, bluntly speaking, everyone has their phones with them, and everyone keeps their phone charged with credit. It doesn’t take a few minutes to send a text that indicates that they’re busy and will talk later. 

3. When you try to connect, they ignore your attempts or pull away.

In a relationship, where you love your partner, you share your thoughts and feelings with them, there is no shame to demand what you want in your relationship, directly. 

But, if you feel like you’re constantly asking (more like nagging) for their time, attention, and affection and your needs are going unmet. That’s a positive sign they’ve lost interest in you.

In healthy relationships, attempts to get your partner’s attention, affection, or support are met in affirming ways. 

When they lose interest, these attempts are ignored or met with negative responses.

Another sign is, your partner won’t even seem torn up or regretful about this. Here, you have lost them.

4. They’ve stopped arguing — and not in a good way.

Arguing is a crucial aspect of any relationship because it’s some energy being used.

People are different, and so are their perspectives. 

Healthy arguing (not yelling, swearing, and violence) shows that you guys care enough to put your energy, thoughts, time, and voice into it.

But, what if they are fed up with you that they won’t even want to argue? Hmm. This simply means they are not investing in the relationship anymore.

Arguement In Relationships
Your partner has stopped arguing with you.

5. They Don’t Have Time for You.

Do your partner cancel plans? Don’t show up on dates? You’re having dinner alone, and they don’t care if you ate or not? They are working too much and have little to no time for you? Well. This is a sign.

In a month, they are only able to give those fifteen minutes in a day, those also go in, you asking them about their health and their problems? Yes, it’s a sign!

6. They Don’t Prioritize You.

If you feel like your relationship has become one-sided, and it’s only you who starts the conversation, make plans to spend time together, or show physical affection. And, they’ll only be there and feel nothing and awkward. That’s a sign.

It is essential for you to feel special and valuable in your partner’s life. You deserve it. If they’re no longer making you feel special or someone important, someone who matters. It’s time for you to take a stand for yourself and call it quits.

Relationship problems
Your partner doesn’t prioritize you and stays busy with work.

It is important to have a healthy relationship where both people equally contribute and show interest. Though, you don’t need to overthink this. It might be only a phase, maybe, they are thinking to make everything alright. What you need to do is, talk to them, arrange a dinner date, or maybe give them a head massage and when they have relaxed, ask them what is up with them.

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